Poem For Those With New Beginnings

Turbocharge Your Day

Ohm, ohm,

Dance sweet being,

For there is nothing to stop you,

Just yourself.

Find that which is deep within your heart,

Bring it forth,

And give it birth in every moment of every day.

Take your time to hold self-conference,

Within your own womb of creation,

For it is there that you will find guiding stars

To lead you through the vast oceans of time and space

That are so truly infinite.

This is simply one step in your life of love, and the expression of your divine.

No worries as challenges emerge,

You are already a master of life.

Take your time, breathe, and be present to all that is.

Find those pains within, explore them, hold them close to your breast,

And discover what really hurts.

Be with that part of yourself,

Knowing that you can move forward,

Supposedly incomplete or not feeling quite right,

For time is a great teacher,

And what is now not known or transmuted in the moment will have its day.

So fly, spread your wings and fly

Guided by your heart

And explore your eternal bliss.

Christopher Barham,

May 10, 2020


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