The Silver Lining of the Corona Virus with Akashic Readings

Much like storms at sea lift nutrients from the depths of the ocean to support life closer to the surface, on a higher-self perspective, the Corona virus is doing something similar for us all. People are experiencing a multitude of emotional material coming up from deep down below, be it conscious or unconscious, much of it related to fear. This is an incredible gift really, because whether we are aware of it or not, it is always there percolating away, affecting our vibration, our light, our emotional, mental, and physical bodies, 24/7. The questions then becomes, what to do about it?

The Akashic records of who you are provide a wonderful tool to explore all the fears and frustrating life patterns that come to the surface. They can even be a vehicle to explore broader perspectives of divine consciousness and all that is. So what are the specific fears and patterns that you recognize? Can you write them down, or do you need to take a little more time to sit, breathe, and invite the formless, flowing, feelings, or sensations to crystallize into something that you can label or identify?

Knowing what these fears are and how they show up in your external World gives you an opportunity to see these as inverse wounds within, and how you judge yourself. You blame another for being a cheater, which indeed may be happening. If there is a triggering emotional response with this cheating, you can almost guarantee that somewhere within your energy field will be stuck with vibrations of both you as a cheater and having being cheated. This will be a lesson of sorts to learn, understand, and from which to move onward. Your Akashic healer or reader or consultant can help you to clear these vibrations, templates, and multi-dimensional experiences to facilitate a deep inner healing. In some cases, this transmutation of energetic debris leads to shifts in physical, mental, emotional, and habitual experiences.

Underneath this, however, how are these intertwined fields all connected, if at all? Are there vicious circles or webs that link these dots of consciousness? Have you forsaken or turned away from the Divine? Have you blamed, abandoned, or even cursed yourself? What shows up as aspects of negative self-worth? Can you identify the images and beliefs that really are not you, but are present and experienced as you? Can you distinguish where these feelings and thoughts even came from, be it ancestral, larger group consciousness of people on Earth, or otherwise? With Akashic technology, you can learn to understand these patterns, clear them, and move beyond them to whatever is next. What is most interesting is the unexpected miracles that emerge. As this energetic matter is dealt with, shifts do happen. For some this can be even be on their first exploration! Some may start Akashic consulting as a kind of patient where everything is “done” to, or for them, but very quickly they learn to be the process themselves.

COVID-19 is a gift in the sense it does help us to remember transpersonal information that we normally push away, bury, or generally do not wish to look at. Take the time to explore what comes up to the surface, even probe a little bit to see what might be lurking in the shadows, and you will be happier.



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