Poem, The Divine

The Divine

I am a sacred being

How was it that I could not see, nor hear, nor understand this,

Something in such plain sight.

There is nothing but divinity,

In all its shapes and sizes,

And all its magical and ugly distorted creations.

Am I so blessed to finally know?

Yes it is no curse,

And it does leave me a little alone though.

There is a new drumbeat,

A new song to march to,

And it is not quite the same as before.

Maybe like the French Foreign Legion moves slowly,

There is just simply another pace to follow,

Not any better or worse, just different,

For as every thought, feeling, and physical manifestation of who I am vibrates,

Consciously aware of all as divine,

Perhaps something new does appear,

And enriches my life in ways unknown.

Through service to Onekind and beyond

For there are no boundaries of time and distance,

These are mere illusions of what we are somewhat encased within.

What of other species, other universes?

All connect through love and laughter.

We are only here perhaps to discover who we are,

In an infinite game of hide and seek

With no end in sight,

And once found,

A new opportunity to play once again

Perhaps something different,

But nonetheless

A game of life, of creation, of love and care.

For compassion, fused with these ephemeral qualities

Knows no boundaries but the infinite.

Let that star shine brightly within,

Fill your eyes and radiate the universe,

Reminding others of their own luminescence within.

It is a catchy thing after all,

The Divine

Christopher Barham

May 8, 2020


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