A poem for all those who have dealt with domestic violence

Updated: May 9

As you palpate,

Not sure of what works or is true,

Know deep down that you are

Whole, beautiful,


Bringing back all the pieces 

Is a process,


Invite all of yourself to return

In this moment

Re-direct your attention, 

Go inside.

Beyond all labels, images and beliefs

Who is it that you really are?

Beyond your name, and what society and family say,

Who is it that you really are?

What is your eternal vibration 

That has broadcast into your physical form,

The you that never ends or starts,

That just is?

Can you hear her?

Can you feel her?

Is she the same as all?

Are you not everywhere and everything?

What a relief

For that deep down struggle

Can pass

For you are in fact safe.

No need to chat with a bear up close,

But the swirling, perhaps unconscious fear

Is simply created and of the collective

From which you can disconnect

And instead,

Witness divinity in all.

Remember the joy,

Remember the happiness,

Remember the awe,

Remember the pleasure,

Remember the sanctity

Of who you are

And the life you live.

For as you transform within, The magnetic change of the universe must comply,

Much as an apple falls to the ground

To bring you what you manifest.

Know that you are whole, Normal, special, radiant


Let love flow through 

And light the wick of all the candles

Around you and beyond

With deepest love.

Christopher Barham

Sat. March 28th, 2020


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