5 Ways An Akashic Reading Can Change Your Life

Updated: May 9

Are you tired or frustrated with a physical, emotional,  relationship, or work struggle, or worse, some annoying pattern like a lack of abundance that just seems to keep repeating itself in your life? Well, an Akashic reading and healing may just be the best way for you to change all of that! Before charging onward, let’s take a quick look at the Akasha, as it is unknown to most people.


Essentially the Akasha is an eternal memory field that can transmit information to people without using the traditional five senses. Probably it’s best scientific explanation is in Ervin Laszlo’s book, “Science and the Akashic Field”, where Laszlo points out that scientists recognize the unified vacuum as the source from where all originates and returns. So the Akasha is a source field for all. Traditional cultures have long understood this phenomena of non-material connection.  In modern times, people have tended to view the Akasha as a personal library to better understand oneself, be it past, present or future. Many contemporary people including Sri Aurobindo, Edgar Casey, Edgar Mitchell, Jean Gebser, Stanislav Grof, Rudolf Steiner, Nikola Tesla, Eckhart Tolle, Swami Vivekananda, Ken WIlber, and others have also spoken about the Akasha as related to transpersonal consciousness and other domains.

Getting back to your thorny issue, pain, or frustration, however, an Akashic consultant will work as a conduit for you to access your own Akashic record. Your reader and healer will help you to identify what may be contributing to your present-day life challenge(s), and clear out energies that are interfering with your life experience so you may find some new freedom, and an opportunity to live with more peace, harmony, love, and abundance. What really rocks the boat, however, is that you can actually learn to do this for yourself too. So let’s take a look at five ways an Akashic reading can possibly change your life!

1. Love and relationships

Do you wonder why you seem to push people away, cycle through friends or lovers, or perhaps you rarely even attract them? What about family members? Do you have long term frustrations or grudges? When you move into the realm of the Akasha, records of strong emotional, mental, emotional, and physical experiences are retained there. This includes worlds within worlds experiences,  commonly known as past lives. What is so incredible is that these trapped energies do not normally even register on your radar system, so hidden images, beliefs, and misconceptions can be affecting how you perceive, interpret, and live. Happily, these energy blockages can be cleared from your records. So for example, if you had a life as a nun and made vows of poverty, chastity, and were the bride of Christ, it is not surprising you might find it hard to develop a beautiful sensual relationship with another! Alternatively, perhaps you were cursed by a jealous community member to never find love again, or to suffer ongoing negative relationships. These energy forms affect you and need to be  erased. You can also have spiritual contracts with another to complete in this lifetime too. It could be to find your inner power through the other’s attempt to control or dominate you. Perhaps you have a spiritual “agreement” to raise some children….. there really are limitless possibilities! Staying focused on the fundamentals, however, an Akashic reader and healer can assist you to find any blockages to the love and relationships you seek and desire to enjoy.

2. Physical, emotional, and mental health struggles

Medical science and public health have made incredible strides over the last century, resulting in the best personal physical vitality and longevity people have ever enjoyed. There are, however,  increasingly larger numbers of chronic illnesses and conditions that are not understood, and often whose symptoms can only be managed and not cured. Part of this lack of solution-orientation resides in perspective, trying to break biology down to the smallest parts versus looking for broader connections and links. Both types of observation are needed! The Akashic realm is a perfect place to make a deep shift into your physical, emotional and mental health challenges. So often, trapped energies contribute to a present health crisis. Typically they are also a call for one to go inward, to find one’s deeper connection with flow, unity, Goddess, God, oneness, self-love, and releasing unknown pain or inner separation. Sometimes people overcome lifelong health challenges through the Akashic modality. The delicate dance is having one’s guides clear enough underlying contributing emotional energies as well complete the physical and emotional level work too. Plan for five to six sessions to really experience a significant shift. For some, one session alone can be quite astounding. Make sure though to get extra sleep and water during this process, because the release of toxins can be quite overwhelming at times.

3. Pain, physical and emotional

Pain is not a well understood science as of yet. Thankfully there are new strides in its management being made through mindfulness and other non-drug modalities. Often underlying causes and solutions for pain can be found within Akashic reading and healing sessions. Your personal Akashic guides can help you to clear contributing factors, or even work on shifting how your energy body works and functions, leading to a reduction or elimination of physical or emotional pain. Without getting too technical on the Science of the Akasha and the human body, people are quite literally integrated beings of vibration, light, and other fields of energy which manifest as physical form. This might take a paradigm shift in your understanding of the human body, but that being said, using the Akashic approach may just be the solution you need to transform chronic pain.

4. Soul purpose

Do you know why you are here on Earth? What is it that you most deeply yearn to do or to contribute? When you understand your soul’s purpose, your life starts to make more sense, and you may make different choices in your decision-making. The information from an Akashic reading may just be what you need to give you that confidence or nudge forward to get on with ideas or projects that you have felt were right, but just did not understand why. This knowledge may also help you to make sense of the choices you have made, and assist you in what is yet to come. An Akashic consultation on soul purpose does not necessarily give you a job description though. It gives you something better, a clear view of what you are  here to do, and that is something you can incorporate into anything you do.

5. Business and team leadership

Every business and team has an Akashic record. Imagine being able to tap into this source of wisdom to assist you with decision making, ideas, and to gain opportunity. Perhaps you would like to try and distinguish between your company’s or team’s best and highest interest versus it’s most profitable interest. Maybe there are some significant choices to be made, and so gleaning Akashic knowledge could assist you to make the best decision for all involved. When there are multiple avenues or options to choose from,  be they which trade shows, working relationships, market development issues, or something else, working with an Akashic reader can leverage a deeper pool of knowing upon which to draw to gain better results.

You are now in the “know” of a new leading edge tool to improve the quality of your life, Akashic reading and healing! As a bonus for making it this far, you may also wish to consider a few other areas Akashic consultations are often used;  clearing what is commonly known as karma; clearing uncomfortable energies where you live, or to improve the saleability and/or price of your home; improving connection and understanding with your pet; abundance of all types including clearing poverty consciousness. Give yourself the profound gift of an Akashic reading and healing, and see how your life starts to change!

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Christopher Barham is a Certified Akashic Consultant and Healer whose intention is to help people align with unity, love, care, and compassion, so they shine like stars as they fully express their deepest selves. Get started on your Akashic journey today and send an email to Christopher at christopherakashic@gmail.com. You can also book a session or learn more about this modality at goldenlotushealingandguidance.com


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