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Have you always wanted to learn to understand yourself and others from the perspective of the Akasha? Here is your path and opportunity!

Energy Healing and Akashic Records consulting, reading, and healing have been around for thousands of years. They have largely been associated with religious or spiritual practices, however, with a deeper understanding of modern physics the miracles and mysteries they manifest, are gradually being understood by science.

There are many forms of energy healing practiced by cultures across the globe. Some require very formal long-term structured learning, others short term weekend training, and everything in-between including indigenous learning models.  


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Work with your energy body

Improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance

Energy Healing


In person or distance​

Clear frustrating patterns in your life

Learn about why you are the way you are

Secure information to help in your decision-making

Improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

Akashic Consulting

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Casey Keyes, U.S.A.

Christopher masterfully navigates through the Akashic records, sharing wisdom that will give you the purpose and direction you seek. His attention to detail ensures the best possible experience! Not only will you leave the session with a new found positive energy but materials  for self improvement as well!

David Vozzy

I've been to a few psychics who are beyond gifted.  I've been to others that are not so gifted.  As a psychic myself, I know when the deal is real.  This guy gave me most INSIGHTFUL and MIRACULOUS reading I've had to date.  He IS the real thing.  His kind mannerisms, his gentle demeanor, and genuinely loving quality about him, make this session one where the client feels comfortable.  And.......I literally felt divine energy coming from this man.  He's a true healer.

S. Ramdayal, South Africa

Christopher's ability to access the Akashic realm is effortless and masterful. I felt empowered by the information he communicated to me and this triggered a powerful healing for me. The information he brought forth gave me context and understanding to issues and situations in my life. This was invaluable to me because it triggered a powerful shift in how I perceived the situations and how I could move forward on my pathway.


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